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Change Process

Eine Tafel mit der Aufschrift Know The Rules

Quitting the employee is uncomfortable”

Change process is loaded with special challenges for you as an executive. There will be questions on dealing with unsettled employees or with individual and personal issues about the work situation. There is no standard! Every conversation is different, just like every executive and every relationship between manager and employee. Therefore, you need to prepare for each interview and adjust to the person you will be talking to. Before every interview, make yourself aware of your own role and be clear about what message you want to bring across.
In this training course for managers we offer you the best as possibile preparation to deal with such a situation.


Training content:

  • Leadership requirements in dealing with emotions during the change process
  • Conducting a discussion: sample formulations and reasoning lines
  • Critical success factors for change/separation talks
  • Frame work for change/separation talks
  • Preparation for the change/separation interview
  • Phases of the change/separation interview
  • Delivering the „unpleasant“ message – phases and reactions
  • Structure of the change/separation interview
  • Categories of reactions „Bearer of the bad news “
  • Preventive dealing with the „survivor-syndrome“in the event of staff reduction
  • Dos and don´ts
  • Checklist to prepare the conversation

This training course is specifcally designed for members of HR, supervisors and managers.

Please contact us for an individual offer for an inhouse training:

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