The German Works Council Constitution Act

The German Works Council Constitution Act

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There is a lot to know about the German Works Council Constitution Act.


The German Works Council Constitution Act (BetrVG) is by international standards unique in providing through a Works Council many information and co-determination rights for employees. It is often confused with the role of trade unions but the BetrVG makes provision for specific obligations and roles on the part of the employer, Works Council and trade unions. Our two-days training is designed specifically for expat members of HR, supervisors and managers, giving a brief overview of the essential tasks and obligations for both employer and Works Council, with many practical tips and examples.


  • Structure of the Works Council and essential differences to the role of the trade unions
  • Employer obligations in dealing with the Works Council
  • The Employer and Works Council relationship in practice – the pros and cons
  • Co-determination rights on social matters, e.g. beginning and end of working time
  • Information rights, e.g. staff planning, transfers and dimissals


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