Works Council Training

Works Council Training

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The requirements of the German Works Council Constitution Act are unique.

A growing number of companies in Germany have a multinational composition with English as the official language of communication. The requirements of German labour law and the Works Council Constitution Act (BetrVG) are unique and can lead to many traps and misunderstandings, especially between local staff and a foreign management. We offer a three-day Works Council Training on the basic tenets of the BetrVG. The content is provided in an understandable way. It includes many practical examples which facilitate to implement the knowledge  in the day-to-day work. The course and all training material is provided in English.

Module 1 focuses on the training of members of the Works Council on the basic principles of the German Works Council Constitution Act (BetrVG). Main topics in module 2 are the participation, co-determination and information rights of the Works Council.


Contents of the Works Council Training

  • Co-determination rights on staff matters
  • Co-determination regarding social matters
  • Basic tasks and responsibilities of a Works Council
  • The Works Council agenda and decision-making process
  • Time off for Works Council work
  • Confidentiality issues and cooperation with the employer
  • The working schedule of a Works Council
  • The Employees Meeting and public relations work in the establishment
  • Works Council enforcement options


We also offer a training on the German Works Council Constitution Act that is specifically designed for expat members of HR, supervisors and managers.


Please contact us for an individual offer for an inhouse training:

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